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Is Outsource Marketing Right for You?

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

By Stephanie Ball

In today’s technology-driven world, marketing has become more complex, time consuming, and is rapidly evolving more than ever before. New social networking platforms, faster access to information, and changing office dynamics (especially during COVID-19) are requiring businesses to shift their tactics quickly and market themselves in new and different ways. Companies are finding it harder to meet their marketing needs in-house. In order to overcome these obstacles, many companies have decided to start using Outsource Marketing.

What is "Outsource Marketing?”

Outsource marketing is the act of hiring a third party to meet your marketing needs, instead of using in-house staff.

What are some of the benefits of Outsource Marketing?


Often it is hard to envision something new for our company when we’ve been committed to a certain marketing strategy, or brand representation. How can we see ourselves from the customer’s point of view when we are so intimately familiar with our own business? Outsourced marketing professionals bring a fresh outlook to raise your company to the next level. *BONUS* They are also your customers, so have first hand knowledge of the other side of the fence.


Our Virtual Agency has employees nationwide, from Coast to Coast. Our huge regional spread gives us a diverse range of perspectives, both as consumers, and professionals, as well as locale-specific information that you would not otherwise have.


If somebody else is handling your marketing, you don’t have to, allowing you to focus your time somewhere else. Your time is valuable.


When you outsource your marketing, you no longer have to worry about employee benefits, vacation and sick days, office space, and technology. Also, you don’t have to pay for continued education, which in this day and age, is vital to staying up to date with current trends, tactics, and platforms. *BONUS* Because we are a virtual agency, we don’t have to worry about those costs either, and the savings are passed on to you!


Every single facet of the marketing world is crucial, but often are so complex and continually evolving that an in-house marketing team or individual simply cannot keep up with it all. There is a need for graphic designers, web designers, social media campaign managers, content creators, public relations professionals, and more. *BONUS* Because we are a full service agency, our team has individuals who specialize in each of the niche fields that make up the marketing world. We are able to bring you the talent that you need all in one place.

Outsource marketing is an easy choice. It will make your job easier. It will save you money. It will provide results.

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